Top 5 Street Foods in Manila

BalutFOOD TRIP! That’s what I always love to do, and the most delightful foods for me are the street foods around Manila. These types of cuisine tastes amazing, and what’s awesome is that they are all oh so cheap and affordable. There are several street foods to choose from, and if it will be your first to time to visit Manila, you should try all of them! As quality hotels satisfy your need for relaxation, so does these foods quench your craving for unique delicacies.

To guide you and to boost your appetite, here are the top 5 street foods in Manila that I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss!

1) Balut – It is a fertilized embryo duck that is boiled alive and eaten in the egg shell. Because it has a broth that should be sipped before peeling the shell, baluts tastes its best when eaten hot. It is known to be a high-protein, hearty snack. If you want to have a balut snack without visiting the streets, just keep your ears alert. Many balut vendors roam around villages and shout, “BALUT!”, in the evening with a deep, loud voice.

2) Ihaw-ihaw – These are foods that are cooked through broiling or roasting. The process of cooking is common, but some of the foods involved can be unusual. Ihaw-ihaw menus in the Philippines regularly include – pork barbecue, balun-balunan (chicken gizzard), betamax (chicken blood), isaw (chicken/pig intestines), helmet (chicken head), and adidas (chicken feet).

3) Tukneneng, Fishball, Kikiam, etc. – These are deep fried foods that are eaten with the help of a barbeque stick. Tukneneng is a hard-boiled quail egg coated with orange colored flour. Other vendors also sell squid balls and sliced hotdogs. Tip: pour lots of sweet sauce on your cup or paper plate!

Dirty Ice Cream4) Dirty Ice Cream – The ice cream itself is not really dirty; what makes it unclean is how the vendor sells it. That the vendor does all his selling without gloves makes me uneasy. But since I’ve never had contracted any illness from eating dirty ice cream, I still indulge myself in its pleasures.

5) Taho – While balut vendors fill the steets at night, taho vendors prepare for the morning, which is when they sell their sweet product. Taho is soy mixed with tapioca balls and vanilla sugar. When I was a kid, I always want to have this as my breakfast.

So these are the top 5 street foods in Manila. I hope you developed an appetite while reading about these scrumptious foods! Happy eating!


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    Don’t forget adobong mani, nilagang mais at banana que.. sara[.
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