Top 5 Amenities to Look for in a Hotel

Finding the Perfect HotelIt’s more fun during the holidays! This is the stretch of time when we get to rest and relax without thinking about our school or work. It is also a time for family bonding and vacation! Many of us rely on hotels to serve as our temporary “home” while we tour certain places. And as hotels multiply in quantity, our options become broader also. In spite of the abundant choices, how will we know if we’re getting the best quality hotel service we need? Let’s take a look at the top 5 amenities to look for in a hotel.

1) Clean and Nice Room: During a vacation, you just don’t go out to have some fun, you also seek comfort. A clean and cosy room will help you relax and blow your worries away. It should serve as a haven while you’re out of town.

2) Security: Security doesn’t only refer to the guards that are responsible for the safety of the customers. It also covers areas like fire, theft, etc. As we enter the area, we should take into consideration the security it possesses. Are there enough guards to guard the whole hotel? Are fire extinguishers available in every floor? What about fire exits? Emergency lights? Vacation doesn’t only mean you’re out to have all the fun. You should also think about your safety.

3) Knowledgeable and friendly staff: Staffs are the key to a business’ success, especially in hotels. From the receptionist, janitors, to the management, all should be of great attitude and values. You wouldn’t want to be stressed out because of an incompetent staff. This will not just ruin your vacation but also give you a stressful getaway.

Hotel Mini Bar4) Mini bar/ Mini-store: We need to have an access to a mini-store where we can buy things like toiletries. We don’t want to have the hassle of going out and finding these things. We also need it for our food. Early morning or late at night, we tend to enjoy eating a near convenience store would be real, well, convenient.

5) Technology: Today’s a world where invention of new technology never stops. Most of us have the best of the best. Several social networking websites are just hard not to visit everyday. (If you have a Facebook and Twitter account, then I’m sure you can sympathize with me.) Because we can order food and monitor our businesses through the use of our Internet, a hotel with fast and readily available Internet connection is a big plus.

So whether you plan to book online or just select a hotel “on the spot”, you need to do a little research regarding it as not to waste your time and money. Always remember that there are a lot of hotels around us, we just need to pick the one that has the best amenities as compared to others.

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