What Room to Choose: Sunset View or Sunrise View?

Sunrise ViewYou’ve been there: arriving at the hotel grounds on the very busy season of Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, booked at a super low-cost hostel in an Indian building that costs almost that of a five-star hotel deluxe room. The attendant asks you if you’d rather be in a room with windows with the view resembling that of the rollercoaster’s peak or in a tight room with no window at all. Chances are, you’ll choose the one with no windows. And as a result, very little space is granted to you and your family. Because of the limited space, you’ll have no choice but to squish your luggage under the bed. Thank God for the extra legroom down there.

And so you backtrack seven solid days prior the trip. Beloved reader, given the circumstances, it won’t be unusual if you find yourself asking these questions: “Should I go for a four-star hotel or a meager backpacker’s inn? Garden view or beach front? With or without breakfast? Room with sunrise view or sunset view?” The list goes on. There are just too many options to choose from. Honestly, not many people who take these sets of questions seriously. It is very seldom that a customer would ask whether their room assignment has a sunrise view or a sunset view.

Sunset ViewBut coming down to it, this actually depends on the type of person that you are. If you are a morning person, then go for the room with the sunrise view. Enjoy the bliss of making your coffee as you watch the world come alive while the sunlight unfolds in the horizon. However, if you are an evening person, choose the far end of the hotel where you can drink some wine should you find it tiring to go down to the local pubs. Although watching the sun rise or come down is really an optional activity; it doesn’t really hurt to try it occasionally, especially if you are tired of the busy streets of Manila or too exhausted to join the party in Sao Paulo. So why not cuddle up with your special someone and enjoy your coffee or wine as you clutch the satin hotel sheets?

Watching the sun come up or down is one big add-on feature a hotel can offer to make your stay ultra-comfortable and extra-lux. It doesn’t really matter which sight you choose to behold. (Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an awesome view to top off the awesome hotel that you’re staying in?) At this point, it’s all about personal preference. What’s important is that customers get the rest and relaxation that they deserve to conquer another exciting day of sightseeing.

So snuggle up, cuddle tight, and go for the ride.